Community of Practice (CoP)

My understanding of a Community of Practice (CoP) is that it is a collaborative learning process that involves the collective wisdom of a group (the community) so that when the individual’s share and communicate their ideas, regularly, (the practice) this enhances the learning for all participants. The key to a CoP is the socialization and interaction that facilitates learning between each member. Its capacity to transform the learning of an individual, compared to what they could have learnt by themselves, is an intriguing study. Want to know more? Get an overview from, Etienne Wenger, one of the theorists who helped first coin the phrase:  

In the staffroom of my current school is a phrase on the wall which I think is applicable here “Each one of us has a piece of WISDOM. No one has all the WISDOM”. I am so grateful that the staff at this school actually believes this to be true and regularly practise this in their collaboration and interaction with each other. We take on a shared responsibility for every individual student and regularly discuss the best possible practice to meet the needs of our school.