What is a BLOG?

A blog is a form of online communication. I think of it as an online noticeboard. People can leave posts for others to see and comment on.

I guess my first introduction to blogs was through the movie” Julie and Julia” where the main character Julie (played by Amy Adams) sets herself a goal of getting through every recipe in the Julia Child’s (played by Meryl Streep) cookbook. It’s a bit of a ‘chick flick’ so I apologise to the male bloggers, but essentially Julie decides to share her exploits through a personal blog. This leads me to my next point, that this particular blog is about cooking, mainly and that a blog can be about anything the author undertakes, there are literally blogs about everything. In terms of a PLN, this is a specific type of blog designed by those in education to share their professional development or anything related to teaching and learning. So, to put into the IQ test format, a PLN is a blog but a blog is not necessarily a PLN.

Finally, I love movies and recently found that there are specific blogs and websites set up for including movie clips as lesson starters to address visual literacy, so I leave you with this week’s

Handy Hint #2: Google “blogs about using movies as teaching tools” or check out these ones I found: http://moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.com.au/






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